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Customer Care

Is your starter acting up?




Sky-Tec provides unmatched customer support for both dealers and end-users.  Besides a simple, common sense approach to friendly customer service, Sky-Tec makes it a point to provide the following services to all our dealers, FBO's, engine rebuilders, and aircraft owners, pilots & mechanics:

2-Year factory warranty on all starters


Same day turn-around goal for most starter rebuilds/overhauls 

Unlimited 800-number telephone support for pre-purchase, installation, and use & care questions 

Overhaul-Exchange program for customers who need a replacement starter in a HURRY 

Troubleshooting assistance (see our troubleshooting guide)

Support email (info@skytecair.com)


Return a starter for a Factory Exchange


Yes, we exchange Sky-Tec starters.  Need to return a starter for factory exchange?  Please obtain a Return Authorization Number here first.

Factory Exchange


Factory Exchange Program

for customers in a hurry

Model(s) Net Price Exchange Unit Charge Core Return Credit
NL (149-NL, 122-NL, 149-NLR) $324 $499 $175
NL/ec (149-NL/ec, 149-NLR/ec) $363 $559 $196
12V HT (149-12HT, 122-12HT) $370 $569 $199
24V HT 

(149-24HT, 149-HT/ec, 122-24HT, 122-HT/ec)

$400 $615 $215
12V XLT (149-12XLT, 122-12XLT) $270 $415 $145
24V XLT (149-24XLT, 122-24XLT) $324 $499 $175
12V PM/LS (149-12LS, 149-12PM, 122-12LS, 122-12PM) $285 $439 $154
24V PM/LS (149-24LS, 149-24PM, 122-24PM) $341 $525 $184
12V LSA (149-LSA, 122-LSA) $341 $525 $184
ST2 (C12ST2, C12ST2/s) $428 $659 $231
C12ST1 n/a n/a $n/a
C12ST3 $383 $589 $206
C24ST3 $409 $629 $220
C12ST4 $383 $589 $206
C24ST4 $409 $629 $220
C12ST5 $389 $599 $210
C24ST5 $422 $649 $227

Single Step:

Two Steps:

How to proceed: Click Here for RA


When the factory receives your starter, you will be contacted by phone for payment information.

  1. Call 877-359-5355
    to purchase Exchange Unit
  1. Click Here for RA to return core for credit above.*

Most starters ship the same day they are received 
(if received via UPS)

*Only applies to customers who completed step 1.

Sky-Tec does not buy cores.

Cores can only be sent against

previously shipped factory direct exchange purchases.

All Sky-Tec starters are rebuilt to factory new specification and carry a same-as-new 2-year factory warranty




Yes, we can 'upgrade' your Sky-Tec starter to a different model.  Follow the instructions for "Exchange Program" above.  The starter model you send in for core return credit need not be the same model you purchased on the front end of the exchange.  However, voltage and engine applicability must be the same.  


So, when upgrading, the credit you receive will be the Core Return Credit  for the model of starter you send in.  In other words, to upgrade from a 149-12PM to a 149-NL, your cost would be $345 ($499 Exchange Unit Charge for the outgoing 149-NL minus $154 Core Return Credit for the incoming 149-12PM core).  However, this does NOT apply when stepping down to a lower cost starter. If stepping down, your net cost for the exchange will be the same as the Exchange Price of the starter you are stepping down to. In other words, if stepping down to a C12ST3 from a C12ST5, the net cost is $383 ($589 for the outgoing C12ST3 minus $206 for the incoming C12ST5 core).   If you have questions, just give us a call.


Core Eligibility


Sky-Tec reserves the right to disallow core credit for ANY starter returned for core credit.  Starters that will be disallowed include but are not limited to non Sky-Tec starters and Sky-Tec starters that have been serviced by any 3rd parties and/or have been serviced with non FAA PMA approved components.  Sky-Tec and/or the FAA may investigate the source of any non-conforming starters returned as cores.

  Customer Gallery

    Click Here to see 
     photos of some of our 
     customers' aircraft


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  Need to Talk?

If it's about airplanes and preferably aircraft starting systems, we'd love to hear from you. 




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